Open House Tips (Buyer/Seller)

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What’s so special about an Open House?

Open houses are an integral part of both the buying and selling process. Attending them can be awkward. Walking around your potential new home with a real estate agent following you from room to room isn’t the most comfortable experience, especially if there are parts of the home you don’t like or the home is in not-so-great condition.

As a buyer, this is your chance to check out that home you favorited online and see if its a match.

As a seller, this is your moment showcase your home and ensure the first impression is a memorable one.

When done right, open houses can lead to on the spot sales, bidding wars, and can open your eyes to what you’re really looking for in a home. Here are some of our tips on hosting and attending open houses.

OPEN HOUSE – Seller Tips

  1. Clean up!
    • Start from the exterior as it is the first thing buyers will see. Make sure it’s inviting. Pressure wash the walkways,  plant some flowers, and cut the grass the day before. People ALWAYS judge a book by its cover before they buy.
  2. Remove Clutter and Any Signs of Pets
    • Almost everyone loves pets, but that doesn’t mean that everyone likes to see where they live, the food they eat and any damage they may have caused.
  3. Stage Your Home and Beat The Competition
    • Staged homes sell FASTER and for more MONEY. So get it in TIP-TOP shape before your 1st open house. If it’s a home for a family, stage it to look like a family would live there, but also make sure it’s neat and clean.

OPEN HOUSE – Buyer Tips

  1. Get The Pro’s and Con’s
    • Ask the real estate agent what the positives and negatives are about the home that so you can gauge if there might be any problems about the home or neighborhood
  2. Ask About The Neighbourhood
    • Find out the demographics for the area. Ask about the HOA fees if any and why someone would move to this area. The Realtor should know the area 
  3. Ask for market comparables
    • By doing so, you will get to see the similar sold values that a buyer recently paid in the market AND you might see other available options still on the market!