Beautiful Bragg Creek is a unique community just 30 kilometers west of Calgary. If scenic views and sharing space with nature and wildlife are a priority for a happy life, then Bragg Creek real estate is the answer. Outdoor recreation reigns supreme, with everything from hiking, camping, kayaking and more just minutes away. Quaint shops and intimate restaurants enhance the atmosphere of this lovely town.

Home buyers seeking a rural living experience must check out the real estate options in Bragg Creek. Buying a home in Bragg Creek means embracing this mountain paradise and getting to know your neighbors well. With a range of homes to choose from, it won’t take long for home buyers to fall in love with this one-of-a kind place. Explore Bragg Creek real estate today.


Learn more about Bragg Creek

One of the most beautiful bedroom communities of Calgary is Bragg Creek, with a population of approximately 600 residents. This small and friendly community is about 30 kilometers west of Calgary and boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. Home buyers looking to settle in the area should not overlook this lovely hamlet.

The town of Bragg Creek and the nearby creek were named for one of the first homesteaders to the area, Albert Warren Bragg who settled there with his brother in 1894. Ranching and agriculture were the main professions for early settlers until recreation and tourism increased in the 1920s. As more people flocked to the area to enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife of Canada’s Rocky Mountain, Bragg Creek became home to artists, craftspeople and recreation enthusiasts. Today, the town is a hot spot for outdoor recreation.

With such an emphasis on the beautiful outdoors, visitors and residents of Bragg Creek have year-round entertainment and activities. Start with hiking, biking and watching for wildlife in the many trails in the nearby mountains. Horseback riding, camping and kayaking are other popular activities. Rugged cliffs, vast forests and beautiful waterfalls make each minute an incredible experience. In the winter, skiing, snowshoeing, plus hockey and ice skating at the community rink. Other outdoor adventures in Bragg Creek include ATV adventures, golf, tennis and more. With Bragg Creek Provincial Park and Canyon Creek Ice Cave as other big draws, the area is full of fun and adventure. There are even working ranches, rodeos and pow-wows for a slice of historical recreation.

Shopping and dining bring visitors to Bragg Creek as well, and the community stores specialize in everything from antiques and art galleries to fashion boutiques and bookstores. Fine wine merchants, jewelry stores, glassworks, pottery and special restaurants add to the eclectic and unique merchandise that fill Bragg Creek stores. There are several lodging options as well, from bed and breakfasts to lodges. All in all, Bragg Creek is the perfect place for people to spend a day, a weekend or a lifetime.

For people seeking to move to Bragg Creek, there are many options for homes and most people feel like they’re living in a paradise on earth. The residents take pride in really ensuring everyone feels welcome and the friendly atmosphere of the town is evident to all. Most homes are in a rural setting and neighbors are more likely to be wild animals than people. Residents can enjoy the scenery year round and drive into larger communities for more urban needs.

Home buyers seeking to live in a unique mountain paradise community with an appreciation for art, fine food, good friends and outdoor recreation should make a trip to Bragg Creek and see what everyone is raving about.