As one of Calgary’s most prosperous suburban communities, Airdrie is perfectly situated to give residents access to urban delights while preserving a more suburban feel. What attracts many people to this picturesque city is its unique identity and strong sense of community.

From its humble beginnings as a railroad town to a thriving modern city, Airdrie real estate has plenty of options for home buyers. With several diverse neighborhoods in this city, there’s bound to be a home that appeals to every person. Home buyers in Airdrie will truly be amazed at the quality of homes available here. Explore Airdrie real estate today.


Learn more about Airdrie

Just north of Calgary is the city of Airdrie, with a population of approximately 43,000 residents. Valued for its proximity to the big city, Airdrie is the right blend of comfortable suburban living with urban amenities. As part of the Calgary metropolitan area, Airdrie benefits from the economic and cultural success of its bigger neighbor while still maintaining a unique identity.

With its origins as a railroad stop in the late 1800s, Airdrie didn’t experience permanent settlement until the turn of the century. It was just a day’s journey from Calgary and was named by early settlers after a Scottish city. When the population reached 250 in 1909, the village incorporated and focused on attracting more growth. Most of the jobs in the town centered on the railroad and it was an important water resource for the steam engines. Farming increased in the early 20th century in Airdrie. Public works pushing out from Calgary meant a highway connected the two cities around 1906. As the Calgary economy grew throughout the 20th century, Airdrie became a bedroom community for Calgary workers, as well as expanding its own community amenities and economy.

Airdrie’s economy is not only dependent on its nearby neighbor and has developed a satisfying and vibrant economic base of its own. While agriculture and the railroad set the standard for development and the oil and gas industry has also played a big role in employing Airdrie residents. Recently, a more diverse economic structure includes manufacturing, high tech, and retail. Many well-known companies call Airdrie home and the city is focused on attracting even more businesses.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Airdrie, including the Nose Creek Valley Museum, Bert Church Live Theater, Nose Creek Park, Iron Horse Park, and the Bert Church Live Theater. Annual festivals in Airdrie include the Festival of Lights, the Airdrie Pro Rodeo and the Family Fall Fair. Sports franchises like the Knights of Airdrie lacrosse team, the Airdrie Thunder hockey team and Team Airdrie hockey team provide year-round entertainment. Of course, the proximity and ease in commuting into Calgary means that residents have plenty of chances to experience all the urban attractions there. Outdoor sports are also easily available for residents, including skiing, hiking, rock climbing and more.

Airdrie has several neighborhoods and as the city has expanded the boundaries, many communities have been annexed into the city. Some of the neighborhoods within Airdrie include Big Springs, Edgewater, Highland, Jensen, Morningside, Ridgegate, Summerhill, Waterstone and Woodside. Transportation is convenient when residing in Airdrie, with Highway 2 access as well as Highway 567. Airdrie Airport serves more local flying, with Calgary International Airport within a short drive. The Intercity Express bus system links Calgary and Airdrie, and there’s a local city bus system as well.

Airdrie is a beautiful city and home buyers seeking to move to the Calgary area would do well to check out this hidden gem. The Airdrie real estate options offer something for everyone.